Our Story

Once Upon a Time in Napa Valley…

Elaine Honig was a winery partner who served on the board of a local nonprofit in need of some serious fundraising. As a woman who loves to accessorize, she thought, why not host a fashion event pairing wine & shoes, instead of the usual wine & food? The board embraced the idea, and that playful first fundraiser in 2004 netted $65,000 from 160 attendees. Friends started asking her to bring Wine Women & Shoes to their city. One event became 10, and before she knew it, Elaine was working full time on WW&S, helping nonprofits all over the country raise money for their deserving causes.

More than a decade later, WW&S has thrown more than 300 events in cities all across the U.S. and Canada. Our talented team of graphic and web designers, wine procurement experts, and fundraising and event planning professionals has worked tirelessly to document, systematize, and replicate successes. Our proven formula and best practices help nonprofits attract new donors, catapult their fundraising to new heights, and exceed all expectations… with a uniquely feminine flair!