Golden Isles FAQ


Ticket Options:

“Hostess with the Mostest” Bubbly Watch Party*  |  $2,500
“Sassy Stiletto” Watch Party* |  $1,500
“Playful Pump” Watch Party* | $500
“Besties” Watch Party* |  $250
“I Am The Party” Watch Party* |  $50
Virtual Event Registration  |  FREE

If you purchase a ticket or register for the event, you
are automatically registered to bid in the auction.

Purchase Tickets or Register
*We will contact hostess of each watch party before the
event to arrange for pick up or delivery of your package.
(wine, food, swag, etc. Delivery only available in Glynn County).
Tax information:  Auxiliary of Hospice of the Golden Isles is a 501(c)(3) organization • PO Box 20098, St Simons Island, GA 31522 • Tax ID 26-3120061
MEDIA: By participating on any Wine Women & Shoes social media pages,
you consent to photography, and/or video recording to be used for promotional materials, live feeds, websites, social media, newsletters, or any other purpose by Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation and its affiliates. Images and videos may be used in promotional materials to advertise this event in the future, including invitations, website updates, social media and emails. You release all staff, volunteers, and partners from any liability connected with the taking or publication of photos and video recordings.


How do I login?

To login, you’ll go to your Events page, which is given to you by your event’s specific keyword in the url, like this:

From there, you can log in by either purchasing a ticket, bid on a silent auction item or when you join a virtual live event.  Now you are logged in!

How do people purchase an event ticket?

To purchase an event ticket, attendees simply need to visit and click on the BUY TICKETS menu item at the top or bottom of the screen.

This will bring your attendees to the tickets available for purchase to your event. From there they can select the type and amount of tickets they would like to buy and it will be added to their cart for checkout.

From there your attendees can select the blue “Pay Now” icon to log into their account and pay with a credit card on file or register as a new user.

How do I bid?

Before Bidding you must Join the Event – Attendees can text the event keyword to 843-606-5995 to join the event OR an event organizer/volunteer can join attendees within the “Event Check-in tab” by entering attendees mobile numbers in the Add Attendees section. Attendees will receive a text message welcoming them to the event and a sperate message including a link to view all items that are available for bidding.

Item Numbers – The item number for each auction item will be clearly marked on the top left of the item card. All item numbers begin with zero.

Text to Bid on an Item – Type the item number of the item you are interested in to see the current level of bidding for that item. Remember to begin the item number with a zero, just as it is marked on the item card! You will receive a text reply confirming the name of the item and telling you the current bid level, or the minimum allowed at the time for that item. Input the dollar amount you wish to bid (do NOT include a dollar sign). The system will automatically recognize a number starting with zero as an item number and a number not starting with zero as a bid amount. You will receive a text to confirm your bid and congratulate you on being the winning bidder! Don’t worry, you will also get instructions on how to undo your bid if it was made in error.

Outbids and Rebids – You will receive a text message as soon as you are outbid and no longer the winning bidder for an item. You will be told the next bid level and asked if you would like to rebid at that level.

Mistakes or Misbids – As soon as a bid is confirmed by text, Event.Gives also gives the attendee the chance to correct their bid by replying ‘delete bid’ within 3 minutes of their bid. (The instructions are included in the text conversation.) If there is a clear misbid that needs to be corrected outside of this window of time, simply locate an event volunteer or the organizer and they will have the ability to remove the item within the Manager portal. To do this, they will need to locate the item within the search bar on the “Items” tab. Then, select the number of bids the item has received which will open up the items bid history. The volunteer or organizer can then select the red trash can icon to delete the bid that was made in error. If an attendee REBIDS or a bid is deleted via the dashboard, the next bidder in line will receive a text notification that they are once again the highest bidder.

Buy-it-Now – If an item has a Buy-it-Now price, that will be included in the text message to the attendee when checking the bid level. When a bidder bids at the Buy-it-Now price they will be the winning bidder and the item will be closed from further bidding.

Bidding via Mobile – After entering an event with an auction the attendee will receive a text with a link to the mobile bidding site. At any point in the auction, the attendee can click on this link and the mobile auction site, which looks and acts like an app, will appear on the screen of their smartphone. On the mobile site, auction items are listed how the event organizer arranged them. Users just need to scroll to the item they are interested in and click on that item to get a description of the item, see the current bidding level or to place a bid. If searching for a specific item, attendees can utilize the search bar to search by the item number. If a bid is placed through this mobile site, the bidder will receive a text to confirm the bid just as with the text bidding. Bidders can always refer to the text conversation welcoming them to the event to find the mobile link and bid via mobile.

Text-to-Donate – At any time during an event, an attendee can text the word DONATE and make a donation to the cause.

Fund-a-Need, Tagged or Keyword Donations – If your event has a Fund-a-Need program then the donation keywords should be clearly marked at the event and the emcee can encourage bidders with the keywords. An example would be a school that needed to fund a new library and a new playground asking attendees to text the words LIBRARY or PLAYGROUND to donate and fund either need. Tagged or Keyword donations work in the same manner. For each such donation the bidder will receive a message confirming the donation and amount and allowing a chance to undo the donation if made in error.

How do I pick up items I won or purchased?

Item Pickup and Shopping – Due to social distancing requirements, it may not be feasible for us to provide you your items immediately.   The Auxiliary will be hosting a drive up option. Date, time and location are TBD and will be updated here.  If you are outside of the Glynn County area, you will be responsible for the shipping & handling fees associated with your winnings.

Event Info

Pre-Event Show: Saturday, February 27, 2021  5:00pm-5:30pm EST

Live Broadcast:  Saturday, February 27, 2021  5:30pm-6:30pm EST

More Info

Silent Auction Opens:  Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Silent Auction Closes:  Saturday, February 27th at 8:30pm EST

Bid Now!

Live Auction Opens:  During Live Broadcast on Saturday, February 27th

Live Auction Closes:  Saturday, February 27th at 6:30pm EST

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Marketplace Opens:  Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Marketplace Closes:  Sunday, February 28, 2021 at noon EST

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Please contact Becky Derrick



This year, we are excited to announce that you will be able to start bidding on silent auction items PRIOR to the event and continue bidding via text/mobile at the event.

Here you can:

  1. Purchase event tickets and register your payment information for seamless bidding.
  2. You can also bid on silent auction items by looking at the Featured Items section. Here you can see a sample of items OR click on the blue VIEW ALL ITEMS link to see a full list.
  3. Bid by clicking on the blue link in the “send a text to me at MY MOBILE PHONE to bid on this item.”
  4. You will then be prompted to enter your cell phone number. You will receive a text message allowing you to begin bidding right from your phone!

Since you are bidding via text/mobile from your cell phone, you will receive an outbid notification each time someone outbids you.  And, you will notice that once you join the auction you will receive a link to view all the items in a mobile site that is specific to your phone number.

We will be using mobile bidding for the virtual event, accessed
either by your smart phone or computer.  You must be registered and have a credit card on file to participate in donations, online auctions and raffles.

You must register a credit card in order to place a bid.  Since the auction is open to anyone in the country ONLINE, this helps to ensure that each bid placed is valid.  Thank you for understanding!