A Marketing Platform with a Purpose

Wine is a key part of the Wine Women & Shoes experience (obviously, it’s in our name!), and a major attraction for the 300-600 sophisticated guests who attend. Our fundraising events provide an ideal setting to build relationships, grow your mailing list, and market your brand. We showcase only six to eight winery partners in each market and promote your wines before, during, and after the event.

Our WW&S team has decades of combined experience in wine industry sales, marketing, and operations. We’ve worked with wineries, distributors, brokers, and retailers giving us insight into the laws, logistics, and fundamentals of building winery programs. Our ever-present goal is pairing our wine partners with the most ideal events, audiences and sales channel that benefits them.

No other event platform in the country markets directly to women wine consumers the way Wine Women & Shoes does.

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We love pouring at WW&S events! The women are sophisticated, enthusiastic, and interested in tasting and learning more about our wines. Better yet, we avoid the crowded competition of typical wine and food events. These events allow us to have one-on-one dialogues with consumers, which drive sales and builds brand loyalty, all while having a good time and connecting with the local community as well as the charities that support them.  It’s a win-win.  We sample our wines to a great demographic in addition to supporting worthy causes.

– Gil Hicks, Wine Director of Retail,
Justin Vineyards  |  Landmark Vineyards