Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Chattanooga

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Chattanooga held its inaugural Wine Women & Shoes event on April 21 with unbelievable success.  We attribute our success to the expertise and leadership of the STUDIO 4Forty Team.  As planning got underway a year ago, we quickly realized how many moving parts there are to this fundraising event.  It was easy to feel overwhelmed at first until we realized the resources available to us from STUDIO 4Forty as well as the experience their team members bring to the table.  We were amazed to learn that they would meet (via zoom!) with each committee to kick off their work and that every question we could think of was covered easily either by the website resources or by the experience of others who hold Wine Women & Shoes.  We could never have been as successful, as prepared for a new event, or had so much fun without the support given by Ashlee, Jennifer, Krista, Sarah and others.  From the graphic design to the day of the event support, we can truthfully say that our decision to add Wine Women & Shoes to our fundraising calendar was definitely an excellent one.  What we are so excited about was not only the funds raised but also the “friends” raised with a new generation of investors in our mission.  If you are considering a Wine Women & Shoes event, get ready for success and fun, thanks to the STUDIO 4Forty Team.  They are experts for sure!

Wellness Place – Wenatchee, WA

“The partnership we have had with Wine, Women & Shoes has been absolutely stellar from the first interaction!  The team is professional, extremely talented, and their support throughout the planning and into the execution of our event was incredible.  Their thoughtful guidance, fresh ideas, unique branding, marketing expertise, and fundraising experience truly helped to make our event a smashing success. This dynamic team helped us to not only have a record setting fundraising event, but equally important, it helped us to capture over 60% more donors and supporters as they discovered our organization, and our vital mission in helping our NCW cancer warriors. I am truly grateful for Wine, Women & Shoes and I can’t recommend them highly enough!”

Florence Crittenton Programs of South Carolina – Charleston, SC (Virtual Event)

“Being able to activate Wine Women & Shoes when we did last year meant we didn’t have to close the doors of the center during the difficult times that followed. The success of the event was critical to our financial security in maintaining operations 6 months later.”

Midland Rape Crisis and Children’s Advocacy Center – Midland, TX (Virtual Event)

“After postponing our Spring, 2020 fundraiser to July, we made the decision with seven weeks to go to transition to a virtual event. Every step of the way, the team at Studio 4Forty was with us. In seven weeks, we had countless calls both with the project management team and with the graphics team. They helped us to create a targeted marketing plan and to create all the graphics needed, had tons of suggestions for recognizing sponsors who agreed to donate their sponsorships to our organization, helped in choosing an online platform that would best meet our needs, and virtually attended tech runs to help spot problems and offer solutions ahead of our live broadcast. Their insights, encouragement, and support were vital when problems seemed to be insurmountable. The team at Studio 4Forty are all incredible fundraising professionals, and they were truly our partners in pulling off a virtual event on a short timeline, doing everything they could to ensure our event’s success (including leading conversations in the chat room during the live broadcast!) Ultimately, our live broadcast was smooth, our online platform was gorgeous and easy to navigate for our guests, and we raised the third highest amount we’ve raised in seven years of Wine Women and Shoes!”

– Lauren Blackketter


The support we received from Studio 4Forty has continued to help us secure sponsors and structure the event to maximize fundraising success. Having hosted this event for four years, they have also been very helpful and mindful to help us keep it fresh and add new elements for our guests each year. These ladies are fantastic!



“From start to finish the level of support surpassed any of our expectations. I am so happy to report that our first event sold out at 400 guests with over 60% being newly introduced to Fresh Start Women’s Foundation and the event exceeded all of our revenue goals!”



Olive Crest’s partnership with Wine Women & Shoes over the last two years has been critical to the success of our Seattle fundraising efforts. Successful business women from all over the greater Seattle area attend this sip-sational event. Last year’s fabulous fashion show, auction and shopping raised $245,329, which provided 33,560 safe days for abused and neglected kids. Our partnership with Wine Women & Shoes is helping us achieve our vision of a strong family for every child and our mission to transform the lives of at-risk children through the healing power of family.



Making connections and building relationships with individuals who have not been involved with our organization is one of our aims and over 50% of our guests were “new”. Moreover, a significant percentage of our guests were in the “under 45” which is very important to us, since so many of our loyal donors are aging and passing on events and active support. We must engage a new generation to continue our work.

The energy and “fun” parts of the program laid the foundation for the more serious portions of the program, leading to high bidding for live auction items and very significant pledging from guests. I can share that those of us involved have learned a whole new way of organizing and putting on an event.



“Forty Carrots Family Center is proud to be a Wine Women & Shoes partner for the past 11 years and for the future. Their team provides valuable support to our fundraising efforts in all areas, from sponsorship to event planning, to unique and creative ways of maximizing revenue. In a town with hundreds of fundraising events, there is something very special about the energy and power of the Wine Women & Shoes format, which is captivating and successful.”