Elaine Honig

Founder and CEO

Elaine is an entrepreneur who thrives on creating brands, building businesses, and helping others—be they animals or humans. A native Oklahoman with an Economics degree from Tufts University, she started out in the real estate business, then spent 21 years

Heather Frank


Heather holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Masters in Education with Non-Profit Administration. Her education, along with her heart for service and years of event and fund development experience…

Sarah Obialero

Creative Director

Having lived bi-coastal, from New York to California, and gathering a wealth of experience in industries from wine and events to theater and luxury retail, Sarah brings a diverse and unique perspective…

Joe Breaux

Beverage Director

Joe is the founder of two companies:  Bevio.co, Oklahoma’s first and only legal way to buy alcohol online, and Bevworks, a beverage consulting firm that helps to bridge the gap between Suppliers, Distributors, Restaurants & Retailers. As a Sommelier his

Angie Carwile

Director of Business Development

Angie touts a robust background of sales and management, events, major giving, and planned gifts. She’s also done frontline fundraising for big names like Purdue University (her alma mater), The Citadel, Roper St. Francis Hospital Foundation, United Way and Spoleto

Krista Elmore

Project Manager

In 2015, Krista managed the first annual Wine Women & Shoes event for RISE in San Luis Obispo, California and immediately fell in love. So much so, that she convinced us she needed to join…

Ashlee Meier

Project Manager

Before joining our team, Ashlee dedicated five years of service at the YWCA of Nashville & Middle Tennessee, where she received numerous recognitions, including Nashville’s Top 30 Under 30…

Allie Olcese

Graphic Design Manager

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design at the Art Institute in Sacramento, California, Allie stumbled upon us exactly when we were hunting for another creative force. With a love for volunteer work and a knack for dreaming

Ray Lavelle

Administration and Accounting

Ray has more than 30 years of experience in nonprofit and government agency administration for organizations that range from an Arizona criminal defense firm to the State Bar of California to a New York City needle-exchange agency to the Minneapolis