Shoe GuysTM

Who can resist a man who knows the difference between a wedge and a platform pump? From hunky husbands to foxy firefighters, the Shoe GuysTM are one of the highlights of a WW&S® event. These fit and friendly guys may look like models, but they are men from the community who support the cause and are willing to brave a party full of women.

Presenting the latest shoe styles on silver trays, Shoe Guys (aka Sole Men) are trained SHOEMMELIERS and ready to share fun facts on the art of wine and shoe pairing, sell raffle tickets, promote auction lots, hand out the ever-popular swag bags and take on other entertaining tasks. How many men have you met who can match Manolos with Merlot? With a little coaching, our Shoe Guys can. Check out the first video to the left.

The second video on this page is a collection of sound bites from some of our Shoe Guys about why they participate. One guy for every 20 women? Check. Free crash course on ladies’ shoes and fine wine (great information for impressing women)? Check. Publicity for their business as well as a way to volunteer for a favorite charity? Check, check. But most of them admit, the events are simply a really good time and a great way to meet people.

If you are interested in volunteering or know someone who would be a perfect Shoe Guy, take a look at the WW&S event calendar and contact the participating charity closest to you. If there’s no Wine Women & Shoes event in your area, contact your pet non-profit to launch one!